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This year marks our 62nd year in business.
In terms of a long history, 60-some years is nothing. Though we are a company of modest size, we have accumulated knowledge, and have done our utmost to make decisions and tackle issues with courage. Though we have had both failures and successes during that time, rather than seek pointless growth, we have pursued and practiced the theme on which our company was founded, being “a company that lasts.”

A downturn in business due to the collapse of the bubble economy

When I took on the office of president in October 1993, our company experienced a deficit for two consecutive terms for the first time since its founding. The planned initial public offering was cancelled, and we faced a crucial juncture.
At the time, the greatest issue was a lack of vitality.The managers In particular tended to lack independence and often were satisfied to accomplish no more than the job assigned to them.
Therefore, in November of the same year, a meeting of managers was held for those holding a managerial post or higher position.
At the meeting, group discussions were held on fundamental issues such as the current organizational system, responsibility and authority, profit management, overseas expansion of production, and activities for improvement. Participants were encouraged to express their opinions.
The issues elicited during the meeting were incorporated into policies the following term, and the next term we were able to swing back in the black as a result of the entire company working together to cut costs, develop new products, and switch to more efficient systems.

Becoming a corporation with presence

Although prior to the downturn in business we had earnestly tackled new issues such as new product development, acquisition of international standards, and overseas expansion, we did so passively as a result of the demands of, and pressure from the marketand clients. Unfortunately, we did not take aggressive action to read market demands, or take the initiative and draw up proposals to submit to clients.
Thus, under the slogan “Becoming a corporation with presence,” we strove to change from a passive company to an active one that took up challenges. However, simply voicing the intent to be active and take up challenges does not change anything. We needed a comprehensive structure to energize our company.
As a concrete initiative, we constructed an assertive system of goal management that does not tolerate inaction and forgives failures should they occur. It is a system that does not tolerate “no try” or “no play”.

Be open to change and create a corporate climate of action and initiative

By taking this kind of action, our company group focused on an energetic climate with the goal of catching up with the times.
Currently, the company’s founding principle of being “a company that lasts” has been replaced with the basic principle that states, “Our company creates products based on global standards with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and a lasting presence.”
We will continue to welcome change in order to survive and pursue the creation of a corporate climate of action and initiative.

January 7th , 2011

Personal History

Kazuo Sumita

Career Summary:

1949 Born
March 1971 Joined Hirakawa Hewtech Corp.
May 1984/td> Director, Operations Director
May 1986 Managing Director, Chief Marketing Executive
July 1988 Representative Director, HIKAM AMERICA, INC. (present position)
June 1990 Senior Managing Director
October 1993 President and Representative Director (present position)
March 1994 Representative Director, HEWTECH SINGAPORE PTE LTD. (present position)
April 2009 Representative Director, Hewtech (Lianyungang) Electronics, Co., Ltd. (present position)
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