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A variety of compounds widely used in the medical industry, communications,
construction material and automotive industry

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We manufacture compounds that respond to the advanced needs of our customers.

Compounds for medical applications

Among the various compounds, the compounds for medical applications require the highest quality above all. We have been leading the industry with prominent production technology such that we were the first in Japan to succeed in commercializing the PVC compound for blow molded bottles. Now we manufacture the compounds for circuit tubing, fluid bags and catheters.

Our production line for medical compounds is separated from the factory for general compound manufacturing, attaining the stable production and supply of quality medical products.

Compounds for electric wires

PVC products are popular as a covering material for communication cables for supporting the sophisticated information society and electric cables for supporting our daily life. We have commercialized the compounds for telecommunication/electric cables that have high flame resistance and durability, satisfying the requirement for covering materials, and that are easy to mold.

Compounds for construction materials

Construction materials, including sashes, pipes, flanges and connectors, is the field in which PVC products are widely used. We manufacture the compounds that have the flame resistance and durability suitable for construction materials and that are easy to mold.

Compounds for automobiles

Resin products including PVC have been increasingly adopted in the field of auto parts where reduction in size and weight is demanded. We have started to commercialize the compounds for automobiles since the early stages. We can meet the various needs of the customers, providing compounds for hard products, such as moldings and trims, and soft products such as automobile mats.

Various Molding Materials for Satisfying Every Manufacturing Site

We provide a rich line of products that can fit the use and function of your needs.

Soft Molding Compound (extrusion molding, injection molding)
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Uses Heatproof and flame resistance, JET registration with 105 degrees Celsius, high flame resistance, oil-proof, PS/ABS transition, glossy/mat, flexibility, high elasticity, etc.
Hard Molding Compound (extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, etc.)
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Uses General/shock absorber, high lubricity, outdoor use, water supply, JHP, Food Sanitation Law compliant, transparent, etc.

* In addition to products in the catalog, we are able to manufacture customized products for you.

A New Type of Eco-friendly Halogen-free Compound

High elasticity, fire-retardant, flexibility.It can be tailored to meet environmental requirements for each industry.

Amidst the various demands of environmentally-friendly products in various industries, we focus on developing compounds for non-PVC products. In response to expanding market needs, we promote the development of compounds for non-PVC products for automobiles, telecommunications, electric power, medical, and other applications. The new types of eco-friendly halogen-free compounds can be tailored to meet environmental requirements for each industry.

Halogen-free compound MAXIRON

MAXIRON is a new type of eco-friendly olefinic elastomer. It can be tailored to meet the environmental requirements for each industry (including halogen-free, non-phosphorus and heavy-metal-free). MAXIRON provides a range of product groups that correspond to each field, so one can select the grade that is suitable as an alternative for conventionally used materials such as plastics and rubber.

Highly-elastic elastomer

Halogen-free highly resilient elastomer material

MAXIRON ZAK is a halogen-free highly resilient elastomer material. It is suitable for those fields in which high elasticity is required, such as conventionally used soft PVC and rubber. It can be used for a wide range of applications due to its anti-scratch and easily-molded properties, as well as its excellent cost performance.

Polar resin bonding elastomers

ABS adhesive material that combines the properties of flexibility and high elasticity

MAXIRON GUF is an ABS adhesive material of ZAK. It has the properties of flexibility and high elasticity and can be bonded to polar polymers such as ABS, PC and PMMA. It has good adhesion performance against all properties of tensile, shearing and peeling forces. Moreover, no primer applications are needed as the adhesion is processed by co-extrusion or injection.

High flame-resistant elastomers

Halogen-free olefinic compound with high fire-retardant characteristics

MAXIRON EJ is a halogen-free olefin compound that has very high fire-retardant characteristics. The high flame retardant series are the main grades that correspond to vertical flame resistance and the 60 ° gradient method fire resistance in the electronic wire field.

* Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries about MAXIRON. Inquiries about products