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With the advanced system for quality assurance, the environmental, performance and characteristic requirement demands are met.

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Technology Development

The expertise and high technology cultivated since its founding that support a top-grade market share

Our high technical competence is the driving force to keep the top-grade share in the PVC compounds industry. Amid mounting demand for the performance and characteristics required for any type of resin, we have established a Technical Development Center. We have been working on the development of compounds that can meet the advanced needs of our customers.

Development and support that respond properly and promptly

We are receiving several thousands of development requests from customers every year, as we produce a tailor-made compound for every product. To meet these requests, we established the technology development division at the Technical Development Center.

Proactive Technical Support

Engineers from the center actively support customers from the starting stage. The technology development team hears the details, suggests plans from a technical perspective and promptly proceeds with development.

Suggestions for adding value to the customer’s products

To create better products for customers, it is essential to select compounds that can fit their products. We can provide such technical suggestions as we have a great deal of experience for development. With technical support in the development process, we are providing suggestions that can add value to the customer’s products.

Method to share technical issues across the company

Issues brought to us by customers are not only for the Technical Development Center to respond to, but also for all divisions in the company to resolve. We are seeking the solution by building a framework to share the issues, including an on-the-day assignment of contact persons.

Participating in joint development for better manufacturing as a material manufacturer

Not only developing a compound based on the customer’s request, Showa Kasei Kogyo is also participating in joint development with the customer as a material manufacturer by actively advancing the manufacturing of better compounds based on the extensive expertise cultivated since its founding. In addition, we are developing and deploying technology by considering the value added through responding to the customer’s challenge.

We are responding to various challenges, including the establishment of production conditions, support for development requirements, etc.

One example is a customer who is an expert in molding products but who does not have enough knowledge of the compounds used for them. It is probable that the quality of the products will improve or they will become easy to mold by arranging for the compounds to be used. Our accumulated expertise on manufacturing greatly contributes to resolving these issues.

  • Issues on processing including molding
  • Composition issues
  • Cost issues of materials and products
  • Design issues of the production process
  • Color mixing issues
  • Others
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Developing eco-friendly products including halogen-free compounds

Amid the various demands for eco-friendly products in a variety of industries, we focus on commercializing compounds with no environmental load. In response to “RoHS,” which defines the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in the EU, we have developed lead-free compounds. Additionally, responding to the newly implemented “RoHS2,” which defines four phthalic acid substances as those which are prohibited, we are developing halogen-free compounds.

Quality Control

Ensuring Global Quality – We are organizing an advanced quality control system that can meet the environmental, performance, and characteristic requirement requests.

Amid mounting demands for developing and manufacturing special grades of compounds, such as weather-proof, heat-resistance, low shrinkage and arc-resistance, we have been building a quality control system that can surely meet the customers’ needs for quality.

Quality Policy

We operate, continuously improve and maintain a quality control system.

We work toward the target of “ZERO Defection” to provide reliable products to our customers.

We aim to speed up the provision of all of our services to our customers.

Strict inspection with the most advanced analyzers

We aim to provide trustworthy products for our customers, and quality control for quality products is one of most important topics for us. The steady provision of compounds for medical applications, which have an ultimate mission of saving human life, is the result of our efforts for quality control. We are equipped with the most advanced analyzers, including a tensile strength tester, atomic absorption photometer, liquid chromatography, etc., and we perform each inspection strictly.

Focusing on building a quality control system for “Zero Complaints”

As defined in the Quality Policy, we are working “toward the target of ‘ZERO Defection’ to provide reliable products to our customers.” For that purpose, we have “ISO9001” certification, the international standard of quality control, and continuously improve the quality control system. Furthermore, we are actively working on quality protection support so that the quality control staff will not cause the manufacturing of non-conforming products by entering the production sites.

Quality control by information sharing among production sites

We are improving quality by keeping stable quality control, sharing among domestic and overseas production sites the expertise on the maintenance and manufacturing process regarding quality control, and closely communicating on-site information for risk reduction.

In-house quality check

For all compounds manufactured at the domestic and overseas production sites, samples are sent to the Technical Development Center and checked by the quality control department.

ISO periodic calibration and equipment check

ISO periodic calibration with test/check facilities and the equipment check/calibration, including the function check of safety devices, are conducted as a part of quality control.