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As a specialized compound manufacturer,
we are manufacturing various compound products that can satisfy a variety of uses.

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As a Specialized Manufacturer of Compounds

PVC products support making your daily life rich through communication and power cables, construction materials and auto interior/exterior parts, daily goods, home electronics and even medical applications for protecting human life. To manufacture such products, compounds are indispensable. Showa Kasei Kogyo is a specialized manufacturer of compounds, producing a variety of compounds each of which has properties which are suitable for different uses. By providing the highest quality compounds to a wide range of industries including the medical industry, we are achieving industry-leading sales.

Established a System for Responding to QCD

With the diversification of the market and the intensifying global competition, customer demand has increasingly advanced for QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) even in tailor-made compound manufacturing. Showa Kasei Kogyo, a compound manufacturer gaining the top market share in Japan, has not only automated the product line, but has also established a total system centrally managed by computers from ordering to product development, manufacturing and shipment. Specifically for production control, we have established a development and operation department in our company, aiming to promptly respond to demands from customers and production lines.

Stable Procurement of Materials: Responsibility of the Compound Manufacturer

It is essential to stably procure materials with proper prices in order to supply customers with high-quality compounds in a timely manner with reasonable prices. Our company optimizes the advantage of production bases developed overseas. We are quick to obtain any information from material manufacturers, such as a plant accident or withdrawal, and promptly secure the materials in cooperation with the engineering division. In addition, we monitor the prices of the raw material for petrochemicals, which largely depend on the petroleum market, and quickly take that into consideration for the purchase prices of material.

Efforts for BCP: Supply Chain Management

We seriously think that our responsibility for product supply is tremendous, as long as our materials are indispensable for customers’ businesses. We support customers’ businesses by firmly managing the advanced and efficient supply chain.

Established a New Factory Dedicated to Non-PVC Compounds

In “RoHS2” implemented by the EU, the percentage of substances whose use is prohibited should be 0.1% or less. To supply halogen-free compounds that satisfy the requirement, a manufacturing environment where prohibited substances cannot become mixed during production is required along with the manufacturing technology. For realizing such an environment, we have established a factory, “Takumi,” dedicated to manufacturing non-PVC compounds. The factory is equipped with automatic racks and an automatic measuring system, considering 10 years in the future.

Amidst the various demands of environmentally-friendly products in various industries, we focus on developing compounds for non-PVC products.

In response to expanding market needs, we promote the development of compounds for non-PVC products for automobiles, telecommunications, electric power, medical, and other applications. The new types of eco-friendly halogen-free compounds can be tailored to meet environmental requirements for each industry.

The “Takumi” factory

PVC-Free Dedicated Factory “Takumi”

The “Takumi” factory was established in 2015 and was dedicated to manufacturing non-PVC compounds.

  • Flexibly respond to the diversity of manufacturing processes
  • Production lines specialized in PVC-free products
  • Compatible with the short manufacturing span of the industry
  • Energy saving type of equipment
  • Automatic material (inventory) management system
  • R&D of halogen-free products (high heatproof, high flame resistance)
  • RoHS2 Compliant
  • Manufacturing using materials without DOP (plasticizer) *Contamination inclusion guarantee