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Our company carries out integrated production of plastic extrusion molding, after processing, and component assembly. This year marks the 63rd anniversary of the company’s establishment. Our customers include businesses involving auto-related parts such as protector drain hoses, materials/magnetic gaskets for refrigerators, light electrical parts such as decorative rims for vending machines, and materials related to building such as heat insulating materials for sashes. Our primary customers are auto-related business for whom we handle kanban delivery (scheduling system for just-in-time production).

From the sales field to production field

My first assignment was in sales. I was in charge of auto-related clients and was busy since domestic auto production grew with each year. After 18 years had passed and factories were being increased, a previous president tapped me to become the manager of a new factory, allowing me to experience the manufacturing side.
My days were difficult as it was my first experience with managing a factory, maintaining machines and equipment, planning production, and educating operators. With the help of others and the cooperation of the technical staff and production staff, factory operation was on track and we were able to complete the second phase of factory construction.

Those five years at the factory provided a valuable experience for me and helps me to make decisions now as a manager.
I was also able to learn about various production methods through guidance from customers.
I learned that when taking different actions such as cutting costs, decreasing inventory, and guaranteeing quality, it is important to accurately grasp the true state of what is occurring on the front lines. I believe that there are many areas that cannot be seen only with data.

Cultivation of human resources for company survival

It has now been 20 years since my experience with manufacturing and I am in my fifth year in management. What is important to a company now when the growth experienced in the old days can no longer be expected?
After all, there are many perspectives and approaches born of experience in various departments. I believe it is possible to find the best answer for the current situation from among them. Therefore, in collaboration with other departments, I hope as much as possible to cultivate future managers by having them gain experience in various departments.

August 9th , 2013