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I don’t have a “creed” or “motto,” or an amazing guiding principle that can be shared with others that I have utilized to achieve success in my life. Instead, I will share a few thoughts that include my daily desire to live a certain way. My favorite word is “determination.”

“Shikan,” a determined spirit

“Shikan (determination)” is explained in the Japanese dictionary as “single-mindedness.”
Though a somewhat religious reference, “shikan” is the “shikantaza (devotion to practicing meditation as much as possible),” or “single-minded, seated Zen meditation” taught by Dogen Zenji who founded the Soto School of Zen Buddhism.
Dogen Zenji is said to have stated, “You do not try to gain anything through Zen meditation. The practice in itself is Buddhism.” Rather than seek such a lofty aim, we should single-mindedly strive for something in our social lives. Whether that be in work, play, or sports… it would be wonderful if we could live our lives valuing each second, living for the moment. That is the kind of life I would like to lead.

The power of one

I became president of Sankyo Kasei in August last year. That represented a transition from a 37-year career in aluminum business materials to “resin”, a field in which I had absolutely no experience. For an instant I had a flash of anxiety, wondering if I was up to the task since my knowledge of resins was minimal. However, employees fulfilling various roles are positioned in the different sections of the company. My number one mission is to somehow elicit their talents and enthusiasm. Though there is nothing extraordinary about it, I consider this my final service in my life as a company employee.
Although there are rare exceptions in this world of persons hailed as geniuses, ultimately, there is a limit to what a single individual can do. The vast majority of people live their lives undertaking a role within an organization. Each person’s share of the work varies from representing a small cog or large cog in the big machine of a company organization, but if even one of them is missing, the “machine” will not properly function.
I will strive to create an even better corporate climate, where each and every employee can work with energy and enthusiasm.
I shall live my corporate career as well as the rest of my life cherishing a determined spirit.

June 1st , 2010

Personal History

Masaaki Ichishima

Career Summary:

1947 Born
February 1972 Joined Sankyo Aluminium, Inc.
August 1997 Became Head of the Quality Assurance Department
June 1999 Became Plant Manager of the Himi Plant
February 2003 Became Administrative Manager of the Home Building Materials Department
August 2004 Became Corporate Officer, General Manager of the Housing Production Department at ST Products, Inc.
August 2007 Became Representative Managing Officer, General Manager of Home Building Materials Production, and Plant Manager of Fukumitsu Plant
August 2008 Became Corporate Officer, Plant Manager of Fukumitsu Plant at Sankyo Tateyama, Inc. SankyoAlumi-Company
From August 2009 Became President and Representative Director of Sankyo Kasei Co., Ltd.
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