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Promoting eco-friendly activities as an industry leading company

Human- and eco-friendly activities

A long time has been spent for Mother Earth to create natural resources such as petroleum and salt. Using these valuable resources, compounds are created by the power of humans and chemistry. Each piece of the compound is made into various resin products, which support our daily life.
Yes, our life is supported by the gift from the earth. That is why our company devotes effort to human- and eco-friendly activities.

Toward thoughtful manufacturing

One person has just a little power—
but just as a few drops of water grow into a big river after a long time, manufacturing even one small piece, if we pay attention and consider deeply, may lead to product development that can be eco-friendly. Through this “thoughtful” manufacturing, we will continue contributing to the realization of a prosperous society.

Environmental Policy

We will work on designing, developing, manufacturing and selling environment-friendly plastic compounds, and we will strive to preserve the earth and the global environment.

We will fulfill our corporate compliance obligations through achieving prevention of pollution, environmental protection and continuous improvement of activities.

We will focus on “preventing air and water pollution”, “promoting energy conservation”, “reducing waste”, “creating environment-friendly products” and “implementing environmentally considered operational improvements”.

Eco-friendly activity is one of most important missions.

Eco-friendly activity for only one earth. That is an extremely important issue for all enterprises. It is also true, of course, for our company which aims to be a distinctive enterprise as a unique compound vendor. We will actively promote “environment” related activities including gaining an “ISO14001” certificate for the environmental management system and for the recycling of non-conforming items.

Environmental Target: We renew the target values every fiscal year.
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce consumption of and improve efficient use of power
  • To reduce waste, separately dispose of compounds, oil and organic solvent
  • Countermeasures for defects of initial manufacturing
  • Recycling of defective compounds
  • Environmental management in compliance with the law
  • Energy-saving measures
  • Legal compliance
  • Personnel training to promote environmental policy

“Safety” is the top-priority effort to ensure no industrial accidents.

It is a requirement for a company that can be trusted by customers to take thorough measures for preventing industrial accidents and improve labor conditions with a comfortable working environment.

Safety Policy

Prioritize Safety

For all business activities, prioritize safety

Everyone Participates

Everyone acts with safety in mind

Predict Danger

Eliminating potential danger with a motto of “accidents can be prevented”

Continue Efforts

Always making efforts for safety

Move Toward Achieving the Safety Policy

Showa Kasei Kogyo defines the “Safety Policy” and makes efforts to realize it. Each workplace executes the KYT (danger prediction drill), evacuation drill, initial fire-fighting drill and emergency call drill. The manufacturing department strictly executes 5S activities (organize, neat, cleaning, clean, discipline) and actively improves the working environment. In addition:

  • Process monitoring for quality improvement
  • Evacuation drill, initial fire-fighting drill and emergency call drill, in order to take thorough measures when there is an emergency
  • Efforts for zero industrial accidents, including a report on a potentially dangerous minor incident (a near miss that gives one a shock), danger prediction and risk assessment

Safety and Health Committee

Safety and Health Committee