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“Harmony is a virtue.”

Based on the business creed, “harmony is a virtue,” we have made the most of the technologies and experience we have cultivated over the many years since our company was founded in 1938, and have expanded our sales products in areas such as winding wire (especially extra fine wire) used in devices including electronic components and miniature motors, various communication cables compatible with the latest telecommunications, and current fuses.
We have continued to contribute to the achievement of an affluent society through the precept of inexpensively manufacturing high-quality products with reduced variation by utilizing manufacturing equipment developed in-house, and embracing our mission of ensuring customer satisfaction. We have also expanded to Hong Kong, China (Dongguan City), Singapore, and the Philippines, and are moving forward as a global corporation in tune with the global market.

“What will be, will be.”

These words may be misunderstood as referring to a so-what attitude or resignation. However, when used in pleasing generalities or policies, ultimately, I think that in this world what will be, will be. Even the development of amazing technologies and accomplishment of business endeavors may fall by the wayside, unrecognized as achievements if they do not meet the needs and tides of the times. In the real world, very often such situations occur that we can do nothing about, but corporations (executives) must be pragmatic and move forward.

“Entrust work to others.”

Be practical and entrust work to others. This is probably key to human resource development. Being entrusted with work promotes the ability to think for oneself and a sense of responsibility, and that individual matures. Moreover, that individual entrusted with work will in turn entrust work to his or her subordinates and become an individual who entrusts work to others. Gaining time to think of new matters enhances and improves the strength of the overall organization.
Nevertheless, actually entrusting work to others takes courage. After leaving work to others, it is important to keep an attentive watch without fussing over small matters, even if they bother you. However, it is the duty of the senior colleague to lay a foundation that avoids the worst-case scenario, rather than leave everything to the subordinates. Viewed the other way around, an individual incapable of entrusting others with work who is saddled with everything can no longer come up with new ideas, and as a result is unable to nurture others.

“Thinking is fun.”

I don’t want employees to become people who abandon their own ideas and shirk responsibility with the idea that, “all will be well as long as I report, communicate, and consult.” You must become a person capable of regularly making decisions, willing to take responsibility and open to the consequences. Everyone makes mistakes. If an error results from your ideas and decisions, then that error becomes an experience that in time you will be able to leverage.
Work that involves doing only what you are told is boring. There is always an opportunity to think, and you can take advantage of that opportunity anytime you have a few moments, such as while riding the train. If you tackle your work with your own vision, you will without a doubt find enjoyment in it. Work should be fun.

January 20th , 2014