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Privacy Policy

Showa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. and affiliated companies (hereinafter called “We” ), in the recognition of human dignity, will handle all personal information you provide to us is valuable.

We have established basic policies regarding the handling of personal information below and committed to protecting personal information.

1. Regarding the uses of private information

We committed that if you provide your personal information, it will be used within the scope of the privacy statement.

2. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose the personal information to any third party except these following cases:

  • We got the consent from you.
  • From the contents of your inquiries, if we determines it appropriate to answer or respond from our affiliates and other distributors.
  • In case that we have agreements with the affiliates to disclose the personal information in order to reply to your inquiries.
  • In case that it is necessary we have to disclose the personal information to fulfill the duty for those payments of goods or services.
  • In case of the disclosure that impossible to know the real individuals.
  • In case of acceptance from laws, guidelines to disclose to third party.

In addition, in case we give those personal information to third parties or sub-contractor, we will consider carefully the third party and set the same regulation for control of personal information together with the necessary audit.

3. Regarding the control of personal information

We will properly manage the person’s personal information, implemet safety measures and take precautions against such disclosure, unauthorized access or loss of personal information, destruction, alteration. In addition, we will continue to conduct internal training on proper handling and protection of personal information.

4. Inquiries about the personal information

We will promptly respond to you if you wish to query, amend or delete your personal information in accordance with prescribed procedure.

5. Reviewing the compliance to laws and regulations.

We comply with the laws and regulations that apply to personal information and strive for continuous improvement to increase efforts to protect personal information.

‘March 1, 2009
Showa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd
Ikemoto Shunichi