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Offer products that meet client demands

Based on the motto, “think like the consumer and offer the world good products,” we have manufactured and sold rubber products for medical use such as rubber water pillows since our company was established in 1906, reorganized into a public corporation in 1948, up until today. Over these many years we have manufactured a wide range of products, including light electrical components, rubber medical components, rubber auto components, and rubber household products, but from 1976 have focused on R&D and expanding production of rubber medical plugs, rubber bottle nipples, and medical equipment including plastic infusion sets, blood tubing for artificial kidneys and blood tubing for plasmapheresis. We have also reorganized our factories to implement GMP compatible production and quality control.
We give priority to researching the optimum polymeric material for rubber and plastic products used in the medical field, adopting structure development and the latest production technologies, and practicing quality control that ensures product safety. We are constantly striving to be a reliable company offering products that meet customer needs.

A long-selling product with a history of over 100 years

The founder of our company, Bunnosuke Oshima established Naniwa Rubber Works Oshima Trading in Osaka in 1906. The following year, 1907, Bunnosuke suffered a severe injury on the job. While recuperating, he realized the importance of “cooling,” and came up with a “cool pillow.” That is the origin of our company’s “Only One Water Pillow,” which has been sold for 100-plus years. We must never forget the fact that even now the reason we are fortunate enough to make a living can be traced back to the founder’s overcoming hardship. Any way you look at it, we cannot even begin to approach the achievements of the founder who created a company from scratch.

第17回「La strada 先達の歩んだ道」
第17回「La strada 先達の歩んだ道」
May 16th , 2014