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President’s Message

New Value Creation and Disruptive Innovation

Today we are surrounded by a drastically changing environment. One example is the fact that localism has been on the rise, so not only globalism advances, and we are entering an age where the regional, ethnic and national sense of values are dominant. Additionally, amid the competitive diversity, there are limitless value options for customers to choose.

In the age of these changes, we are required to change ourselves. Can we create and provide “values” that customers will select among others? The key to future success is, in other words, to identify from the customers’ point of view the unsatisfactory values in sales, quality, delivery and development, and provide more improved values.

That is why we currently continue improving customer service by building a support system with all the divisions, including service, development, production control, manufacturing and others. Furthermore, the second “new factory construction,” our dream and pride, has been taking shape. To create new values with our customers, we will continue trying disruptive innovation.

Our 60th Anniversary

Founded in 1956, Showa Kasei Kogyo is proud to have celebrated our 60th anniversary. We truly appreciate all of your consistent support, with which during these long years we have overcome myriad difficulties, advanced to the current business stage, and contributed some to the industry.

Looking back, it was the year of the second oil shock, 1978, when I started working at the company. It was a small vendor of PVC compounds, with sales of 900 million yen and with 23 employees. Now we are an enterprise with annual sales of 40 billion yen and with 150 employees, including group companies. With the 60th anniversary, we are determined to continue further efforts without being satisfied with where we are, and aim to be the one who can lead the industry.

Shunichi Ikemoto

President, Showa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Shunichi Ikemoto / President, Showa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.