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Experience is valuable

My philosophy is that experience is valuable. In life, work and experience are important. People can grow through experience.
However, it cannot be said that simply possessing a variety of experience makes a person better than others.
No matter the type of experience gained, if the subsequent observations are inadequate, then nothing will come of it.
Without deep thought and reexamination, you are only spinning your wheels.
You have not learned from the precious experience or mastered anything.
I believe that from the time we are born we should experience as much as possible and be exposed to as many emotions as possible. Any kind of experience becomes food for the future.
Not only does it nourish the growth of your own spirit, but it will also undoubtedly be useful to someone.
With that in mind, all experiences can be called valuable.

Cooperation and harmonization

Those with conflicting interests go through various new experiences, work together, and open themselves up to become acquainted with one another.
I value the spirit of cooperation and harmonization, which is the company creed.

Swiftly meeting customer needs and giving shape to passionate ideas for products

Kansai Tsushin Densen was founded in 1964 in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture.
For 49 years, we have built up a reliable business both domestically and abroad in the field of cables.
Currently, we receive the latest information in various fields in Tokyo and other areas to quickly respond to changes in the fast-moving industry, and are expanding our activities from the Kansai area to the rest of Japan.
We are striving for environmental improvements that respond to the fast-growing industries of television and communication with flexible sensitivity and ample capacity.
At Kansai Tsushin Densen, we offer products developed, designed, and manufactured by our company to meet not only customer requirements, but also legal and regulatory requirements. We believe it is of utmost importance to conform to the various technical standards for quality, including product performance, safety, and reliability standards.
Our fundamental principle is “to meet customer needs and demonstrate technological innovation and originality to contribute to society’s development and acquire trust. Each employee takes action with a sense of responsibility, and creates a cheerful workplace by trusting and cooperating with one another to promote prosperity in the company.” We strive to maintain and improve product quality.

February 6th , 2013